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Is your program worth the cost?

By Yahaira Lopez


  From choir and cheerleading to soccer and student council, extracurricular school activities keep students engaged but cost may be among barriers that prevent some students from participating. 


Sarai Hernandez, 10, signed up to try out for the gold dusters team but hesitated because of dues. “I honestly was wondering if I should even try out after seeing those prices,” Hernandez said.


Even though joining extracurricular activities present many benefits like becoming more social and help improve mental and physical health, many students are turned away due to the pricing.

  Twenty-nine percent of parents say the cost of school extracurricular activities is higher than they expected and 10 percent felt the benefits of activities are not worth the cost, according to a study by the University of Michigan.

Not only do the students have to worry about their parents paying, but they also have to think if they really want to be in the extracurricular activity because of club member requirements like time commitment and other factors.

“You also have to think about the club or sport you want to be in with the people you’re gonna spend time with. It’s gonna make the expenses worth your money,” Hernandez said.


Assistant Principal Christopher Rose sponsors Men of Honor and Leading Ladies who focus on etiquette and exposure to life beyond the school walls. 


“We go on trips and do activities and [fundraisers]. A lot of clubs do fundraisers to support the kids that can’t afford to go on the trips,” AP Rose said.


Most of the clubs at JV have no cost and many have low fees ranging from $10-$20.  Though there are others, like Goldusters that could be closer to $1,200 for new members.


For the programs that do require a nominal fee, there are finance options to help families out.


“There are options for the programs like gold dusters and football since in those you do have to pay for the cost of the equipment, for the supplies, but if they can’t afford it we also have a thing called a Booster. Boosters are parents who work together and do fundraisers to pay for the cost of kids’ supplies.” Mr. Rose said.


Boosters, sponsors, and APs all help offer financial options in order for these students to not miss out on opportunities.


Sometimes students are too embarrassed to ask but they don’t have to be. The school recognizes some of the students’ struggles and they do everything to make sure they feel comfortable and can take advantage of all the extracurricular activities the Village has to offer. 

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