District installs emergency call stations

Mariela Vargas, Staff Reporter

Over the summer the school district installed an emergency call station, located at the front of the school building. The call station will be used for reporting and or requesting emergency assistance.

Cy-Fair ISD is currently the very first and only public school district to offer this safety option. The installation of 50 call stations around the district occurred this summer.

“I think that the best feature of this call station is how it is dedicated to all and can be used without cell phone service,” assistant principal in charge of school security Scott Vanderzyden said.


The call station provides easy access to emergency calls in case of a fire or any other after hours incidents.

According to Vanderzyden the district installed the station in order to increase safety after school hours.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle Chance Freeman, associate director of school safety education for the Texas School Safety Centers said that the call stations are “intended, by most accounts to provide for a rapid response of security and law enforcement in the event of a significant threat  or hazard on campus.”

“I think it’s a good way to secure our school during after school hours for incidents that might happen,” senior Pamela Jimenez said.

However not all students agreed with Jimenez.

“I do not think it’s necessary. I guess it could be helpful in some situations. It’s just spending money,” sophomore Deborah Garza said.