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4 day debate

The controversial 4 day school week


By:Torrien Raines 


The 4 day school week was passed by Texas lawmakers in June The bill stated that the 4 day school week could now be implemented to schools across the state after a similar bill was passed by the house a few months before. JVHS students and teachers have lots of opinions.


Leiaa Rushing, a chemistry teacher, said she prefers the 5 day week.


 ¨5 day school weeks allow you to get more instruction, and you get better pacing as well,¨ Rushing said ,¨I can definitely see the benefit.¨ 

Parents are also taken into consideration when the 4 day week is discussed. 


Another chemistry teacher, Leon Le said: ¨ Another reason the 4 day school week is problematic is because parents have to pay for another day of daycare or a babysitter¨ Le said.


On the student side though ¨I think the 4 day school week would be very beneficial to students and teachers,¨ Ian Novak grade 10 said. ¨ For students it gives them more of a break and for teachers it gives them more time to plan out their classes and curriculum,¨ Novak said. 


The 4 day school week seems to be agreed on by the majority of students and teachers. Students feel as if the school week should definitely be 4 days long for the time off and teachers feel like the 5 day week is still okay and not too harsh on students or teachers.  


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