Ray Marshall II – Student of the Week


December 13, 2021


FAVORITE TEACHER: I honestly don’t have a favorite teacher this year. Not because I don’t like any of them but because all of my teachers this year have helped me in their class to succeed and get good grades. They’ve all taught me well and I enjoy learning in every single one of their classes.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR?: After I graduate from high school, I plan to go to college and further study in the field of science and engineering mostly chemistry/biology and chemical engineering.

FAVORITE JV MEMORY: A favorite memory I have a JV was going to the sports games and pep rallies because they’ve also been something I enjoyed to go to and have a lot of fun. I remember doing the chants and as a freshman I would get booed by the seniors and now as a senior I’m booing the freshman at the pep rally chants. It’s really been a great 4 years at JVHS.

SHOUT OUT TO MY FRIENDS: Joshua Morales, Phillip James, Aaron Robert, Aiden Capper, Sebastianz Nguyen (I have a lot more but those guys are my best friends)