Make Way for the Court


Jordyn Daniel, Contributing Writer

High School years are filled with traditions. The fall features football games, fall festivals, and parades. Crowning Queen and King highlights the school’s representatives of the student body. The senior class nominates the candidates, while the whole student body elects the queen and king. 

“People look forward to being in the homecoming court. Many have dreamed of it since their freshman year,” senior Josselyn Lopez said.

The senior class nominated four boys and four girls as representatives of Jersey Village. The frontrunners for queen, Cheyenne Nguyen and Taslin Tran, are vying for the prestige of being named Homecoming Queen. 

“Taslin has a poster in my sociology class…she posts something about it on her social media almost everyday,” senior Barbara Bassoco said. 

On the other hand, Nguyen clenches the votes of the Gold Dusters.

“She’s a social butterfly and also the social officer of the squad,” senior Valerie Castro said. 

With the band being the organization with the most members on campus, and Tran being one of the Drum Majors, she is more likely to win by acquiring the underclassmen’s vote. 

“Taslin is very well known throughout the band and has a familiar face, so underclassmen, especially those associated with the band, will likely vote for her. While Nguyen is popular with the senior class, she still needs to secure the underclassmen’s vote to win,” senior Annabelle Macias said. 

Concerns among the senior class focused on Nguyen’s lack of votes but think they will be overcome with her participation in numerous clubs and activities on campus. 

“Cheyenne will definitely take the votes of most clubs she’s in, and that’s a lot since she’s very involved,” senior Devany Saravia said. 

Perhaps the band will rise to occasion and carry on the tradition of band members representing the school and elect Tran. Or will  Nguyen pull enough votes to break the band’s tradition?