FFA takes on COVID-19


Kendall Garcia

This year students and teachers have had to modify their learning and teaching skills due to COVID-19. Many teachers are facing challenges on how to teach their students who are working from home. Ms. Kristen Vingoe, the JVHS Agricultural Science teacher, like many other teachers, is facing a very big challenge since her students have to raise animals and most of our students are virtual learners.
“One of the biggest differences this year is not being able to complete as many hands-on activities and labs. However, we worked a lot to figure out how to transform our activities and lessons into a way everyone can still visualize and connect to the real world even if it’s online centered activities,” Ms. Vingoe said.
Many parents and students are concerned this year will be very hard for students to get the same amount of attention as the kids in school. Another concern is how it will affect what they are learning because it’s different and new as well as the new technology. Ms.Vingoe finds the new technology challenge quite exciting and a way to understand and work with her new students.
“At first I did think this year would be next to impossible. However, I’ve seen everyone truly work together to learn new things, teach new things, and figure out problems together. Even better, our students are constantly working with us, understanding us, and helping us along the way. I truly think this will be a challenge. But challenges can be exciting and extremely rewarding when we get through it and grow and learn all throughout the process,” Vingoe said.
This year may be a struggle for students and teachers but no matter how hard it is, teachers are working every day to make it easier for students and keep it fun just like Ms. Vingoe. She wants her students to have fun and still experience the class even if they can’t in person.