Help flatten the curve


Erik Catalan, Contributing Reporter

Tuesday May 5th was the first day of Texas malls reopening since the closure in late March. I got a call from my manager that morning and was told to come in the next day.

We would be one of the few stores to reopen that week.

Due to the pandemic many changes had to be made to our store, including the closure of fitting rooms, the mandatory wearing of face masks, constant disinfecting, working six feet apart, and allowing only 25% capacity inside our store.

We spent our first few days making these changes and getting trained on our new “normal standards” for our store.

It’s been a week since our opening and many customers have entered our store. Many conformed to our new policies and others refused to come in due to our mandatory face mask policy.

It’s very sad and scary to see people without face masks outside the mall walking like normal and others stores not taking any precautions.

We want this to pass by as soon as possible but people aren’t taking this seriously. Wear your masks and take precautions. Stay safe and help flatten the curve.