Is this the new normal?


Beau Brittain

I tugged at the piece of cloth that was on my face. It was the day that the county’s face mask order went into effect and we all had to wear a mask outside the house.

My grandmother, a master at sewing, made masks for my entire family. My sister and I were walking into the grocery store. I had just put the mask on, and I already didn’t like it. It was only 80 degrees outside, but my face was heating up from the mask. I kept asking myself “is this our new normal?”

The face mask order is just one of the many of the new rules put into place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Social distance. Stay home. Keep six feet between you and other people. No large crowds. These were the words we heard from public officials and the media every day for the past several weeks, COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live.

One of the biggest changes of all is the cancelling of in-person classes. Every day, hundreds of students wake up and instead of getting in the car, we open our computers for school. Every week I get my pre-calculus lesson on a Zoom meeting with my teacher and many of my classmates.

The Zoom app has become one of the most used apps on my laptop. My friends and I always text each other about how much we wish we could learn in a classroom. Being in a classroom gives us a chance to separate school and home. Today that separation is much harder, as our bedrooms, living rooms, or dining tables become our new classrooms. Online school is not something new to our world, but this virus has forced us all to learn how to do it.

As the pandemic continues, our lives will remain very different for the foreseeable future. Face masks will become a part of our daily wardrobe. Online school will become a larger part of our education system. Things like social distancing, self-isolation, and of course Zoom meetings will become parts of our lives.

While it is hard to implement this aspect into our lives, we know that it is important so we can stop the spread and save lives.