Life changes daily with new rules


Jackie Orozco, Staff Reporter

Before we left for spring break, I would always hear about how schools would be closed by the time we came back from break, but I didn’t want to believe it. Slowly I saw things changing and new rules put in place.

That’s when it felt real.

I’m pretty blessed to say that none of my family has a cough or been affected by the virus. But it is a little scary that my family is still part of the “essential” workers in the city. It’s scary having them go out and returning home to us or their own homes after having contact with people.

I miss being around my whole family, my aunts, my cousins, especially my grandparents, a video call isn’t enough for me.

This being my senior year and it will be “the best and most memorable year” really devastates me. I already lost my prom, and I know I will lose my graduation, even if I pray and have hope, I just don’t see it happening.

What makes it hard too is getting on social media and seeing memes and videos making fun of us seniors who won’t get a prom, a graduation, a grad night, basically everything the classes before us got, and them saying it’s not a big deal. That is what they think, but only because they had it, and will never have the feeling of not getting none of it. They’ll have stories to tell their children and their grandchildren.

All that we can do is live with the fact that we got none of it, and it all got taken away from us because of the virus.

I am grateful that this virus brought me closer to God, made me talk to Him more and believe more than what I did. Although churches aren’t open, my family and I opened one here at home. We pray together every night.