Fine Arts Festival engages, entertains entire school


Cameron Clark

Leo del 290, a band made up of Jason Escobar (pictured) and Emilio Galvan, freshmen, and Chris Guerra, senior, perform in front of an energetic crowd at the Fine Arts Festival. The group performed “El Guero” and “Quiero Ser”. “It was an intense, whimsical time, I loved it because I wanted to show my pride of being Latino and to show off my talent,” Escobar said. After the end of the performance, the crowd began chanting “otra”, asking the band to play another song.

Teachers dismissed their classes and the students converged in the school’s auditorium, gym, and LGI. In each venue, students sat with excitement and witnessed the talents of their friends and classmates.

The Fine Arts Festival, an annual school tradition, finally arrived.

In the auditorium, the JV Players put on a performance from their UIL competition piece “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and Mean Girls: The Musical and others put their voices to the test to perform powerful songs that energized the crowd.

In the gym, the Gold Dusters, dance classes, dance clubs and cheerleaders performed a lineup of dance routines.

In the LGI, students listened intently as members of the speech and debate team presented their monologues and presentations.

Outside the auditorium, students from the school’s art department worked on a variety of different paintings and projects.

As the festival came to an end, the students were left with astonishment at the talent they had just witnessed.