Tie against Tigers keeps Falcons in district race


Jackie Orozco

With the want to come up on the scoreboard, Avelino Gutierrez, senior, focuses on the game even harder and puts more force and power in his kicks after the first half ends 2-0.

Jackie Orozco, Staff reporter

Cold winds in the air and a good vibe from the crowd, the Falcons get ready to conquer a tough opponent, Spring Woods Tigers. The boys end their warm up and take position on the field. With the referee blowing his whistle indicating the start of the first 40 minutes of the game the boys take flight in the game.

Jackie Orozco
“Soccer is my life. It is what I started doing and practicing since I was younger. I’ve always tried to give the best of me at each game, for the team, my teammates. Soccer is the second motivation in my life. It is my passion and it is what I want to fight for. What challenges me the most is losing a home game, that we get struck hard and that the referees don’t call correct fouls,” Santiago Muñoz, freshman, said.

Eyes on the ball and their bodies being used to block and make passes, the boys manage to shift the ball up and down the field. The Tigers show an aggressive strategy and are determined to win the game listening to critiques from their coach on the side lines.

With the Falcons hearing the opponent’s calls and game plan while on the field act on the field. Diego Olvera, senior, focuses on the ball and calls out the guys for quick saves. The first half ends with two impossible stops, and the Spring Woods Tigers in the lead, 2-0.

Taking the field again and ready to compete, the Falcons move as the whistle goes. The guys play harder and tougher taking charge of the ball. Not letting the Tigers take over the ball the Falcons continue to shift up the field to their goal.

Jackie Orozco
Head coach Clinton Dyer, subs players when given the chance on the field. Players on the bench warm up ready to step on the field when Dyer calls for them. Dylan Stonebreaker, senior, eyes the ball to successfully pass on the ball to one of his teammates during the aggressive game against Spring Woods High School.

“I believe we’ve gotten better at our camaraderie. We understand each other a lot better and have done things a lot better. I see that each one of us gives the best of themselves to make the team better from game to game,” Santiago Muñoz, freshman, said.

With goals coming from Santiago Muñoz, freshman, and Fabio Hernandez, senior, the game ended with a score of 2-2.