Choir shines in annual dinner theater performances


Cameron Clark

Soaring above the audience, five fellow singers support May Tran, sophomore, during the climax of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from the film, “Dirty Dancing”, sung by the high school’s treble chorus. Having previously performed a duet with Larissa Bates, sophomore, the year prior, Tran didn’t know what to expect from her classmates hoisting her into the air. “At first, I wasn’t very used to it. And I didn’t really know what to do at first; do I sing? Do I not sing?” Tran said.

Ivy Hansen, Staff Reporter

No one speaks. Dress shoes tap against the linoleum while fingers play with the edges of the tablecloth, the audience’s collective excitement permeating the dark cafeteria. Then, there’s a soft click, and the stage is ablaze with light and the choir tenses underneath the glare, squinting their eyes into the sea of people. This is what they’d been waiting for, and the cue for music snaps all to attention as the show begins.

Friday and Saturday evening, the high school’s choir entertained a full house in the large commons, maxing out at 250 in attendance each night for the first time in recent memory. The students also served the patrons–catering provided by Adriatic Cafe–in between acts loosely based on 80’s pop music while accompanied by a silent auction organized by the Do Re Mi Booster Club (also manages general finances and show tickets).

With choreography taught by Suzanne Bell, the new assistant choir director, Stefanie Stephens, and now lead director, Benjamin Moore, taught the students cooperatively to share their mutual love for the arts with others.

“It was a good thing to have her here, because she’s very organized and anticipated a lot of things that need to be done,” Moore said.