Key Club raises funds for memorial scholarship


Angela Lim

With a smile, Matthew Gabino, senior and Key Club President, contributes to the fundraiser by selling chocolates to students on their way to class. All officers have been required to sell at least one box ($60). Being the first fundraiser of the year, Key Club hopes to host more events in Destiny Lee’s name, as well as for the continuing operations of the organization.

Angela Lim, Staff Reporter

On October 31, 2019, 2019 graduate Destiny Lee passed away due to a fatal road accident. In light of this, Key Club was asked to do, and has thus planned, multiple fundraisers in her name.

“We wanted to honor Destiny for all she’s done for us and this club,” Matthew Gabino, senior and current President, said.

Destiny Lee graduated from Jersey Village High School in 2019. Throughout her high school career, she was primarily involved in Student Council, Pals Peer Monitoring, and Key Club.

“Destiny was a storyteller. She could captivate a whole room when talking. She loved everyone and everyone loved her,” Leslie Wendt Wilson, her former sponsor, said.

Key Club centers its activities around building the community for a cause; all members are called to uphold its values of being caring and inclusive–and Lee has exhibited these, in addition to having genuine passion and leadership, as the Social Coordinator of the school’s Key Club.

Destiny was a storyteller. She could captivate a whole room when talking. She loved everyone and everyone loved her”

— Leslie Wendt Wilson, former Key Club sponsor.

“She always poured out her heart and soul into every social,” Gabino said. “When she was setting up the Jumping World Social, she went up to their location multiple times to make sure everything was set in place for the best possible experience.”

The club began its first round of fundraisers on January 8, 2020; members were given boxes of World’s Best Chocolate, commonly sold by other students, to sell. Their efforts will also continue on February 17, 2020 with a Chipotle fundraiser organized by Emily Nguyen and Janie Hinh, sophomores and current Key Club Social Coordinators. Aside from raising money for Lee’s college fund, the outcomes would also contribute to the general operations of the club.

The next phase of fundraisers is expected to happen later in the semester.

“The main fundraiser I have in mind is a car wash. It helped us raise about $500 back in the summer, so it would be a great plus to the scholarship,” Gabino said.

Overall, Key Club hopes to raise anywhere between $1000 and $2000 for Lee’s college fund.