NASA engages aid of fashion design class


Lauren Bocanegra

As the presentation from NASA HUNCH coordinators comes to an end, Lysette Gomez and Dulce Rincon, seniors, look at an example of a cargo transfer bag for the HUNCH program. The designers are expected to complete five cargo transfer bags which will be used by training astronauts. “It was actually really interesting learning how make the bags for NASA and what their purposes were. The instructions were confusing at first but were now getting the hang of it,” Gomez said. (Photo by JVHS Student Press, Lauren Bocanegra)

Erik Catalan, Contributing Reporter

Five Cy-Fair ISD high school fashion design classes are joining the NASA HUNCH program to fabricate U.S. hygiene kits for flight, update a previous version of the footpads, and build cargo transfer bags.

The schools included in the program are Cy Springs, Cy Lakes, Cy Creek, Jersey Village and Bridgeland high schools.

Two HUNCH program mentors, Marcie Dickson and Lee Hanson, visited Jersey Village High to inform the designers of the impact they will hold on training astronauts. Jersey Village’s designers will be held accountable for assembling five trainer cargo transfer bags (CTB) which will aid astronauts in preparation for orbiting in space.

“Crew members do actual training exercises of events that will be required to do on board the International Space Station. Having CTBs that look, feel and perform as those CTBs in orbit aid the crew members in receiving the best training opportunities,” Dickson said.

Thanks to HUNCH, students are able to get experience in fabricating items using industry sewing machines and NASA receives a lower cost yet high-quality training items.

“Having students in HUNCH fabricate these items is a win-win for all,” Dickson said.

Lauren Bocanegra
After presenting the finished cargo transfer bags, Lee Hanson, HUNCH representative, shows the blue prints the designers will be following. Fashion Design II students Lysette Gomez, Dulce Rincon, and Jonathan Fuentes, seniors, review the plans with her. (Photo by JVHS Student Press, Lauren Bocanegra)

Rebecca Glaze, JVHS Fashion Design teacher, heard about the HUNCH program during a meeting and knew right away she wanted her students to participate.

“During this past summer I was at a teacher staff development meeting and heard NASA representatives talking about the program. This program interested me a lot, so I went up to them and signed Jersey Village up,” Glaze said.

Being able to sew with industrial machines will help designer Lysette Gomez, senior, with her career in the fashion world.

“I believe this program will help my future tremendously. Being able to add to my resume that I I’ve worked with NASA will look great to future employers and gives me experience with industrial machines,” Gomez said.