JV Players’ bring musical “Freaky Friday” to stage


Erik Catalan

As the musical comes to one of their dance numbers, Katherine Blake, played by Addison Kanke, senior, finalizes last minute plans for her wedding day. “I definitely relate to the mom, Katherine, who is an easily stressed control freak. Sometimes–I get easily stressed and want everything to be perfect,” Kanke said.

In the musical, “Freaky Friday”, produced by the JV Players, multiple twists and turns came about. The musical showcases a story about a mother-daughter duo who unexpectedly switch lives for one day. The mother, a wedding planner, had been planning her own wedding when it happened. Meanwhile, the daughter, a high school student who wanted to take place in “The Hunt,” a scavenger hunt competition between teenagers, where they had to do certain activities in order to win. While they switched lives, they still had to carry on with each other’s plans.