What is your holiday tradition?

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My holiday traditions are going to my family’s house, eating lots of food and exchanging gifts with my family members. Afterwards we watch movies in our pajamas.”

— Brianna Rodriguez, senior

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My holiday tradition is spending time with my family. We go out to eat and shopping. Also, we go see my grandparents that I love because I’m their favorite. This holiday is the best time with my family and the one I love. It’s good times.”

— Tuan Ituynh, sophomore

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“We usually go out to families houses and do secret Santa, then everyone gathers to eat. We take pictures and play Christmas games, like white elephant.”

— Trinity Licon, senior

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For Christmas I go to my cousin’s house and open presents there. I’m probably going to get together with my band called “Bizzare Paradise” and jam.”

— Jordan Taylor, sophomore