Food Truck Festival unites students


Cameron Clark

Accompanied by her friend Kimberely Vinson, Cianni Sellers, senior, plays with the girl’s dog “I would tell someone to expect lots of families and a variety of food options to choose from. Live music and entertainment for the kiddos like a bounce house were available,” Vinson said,

Sierra Rickerson and Gabriel Houston

Jersey Meadow Golf Course filled with people during the first annual Food Truck Festival organized by Josh Rodrigue, Recreation and Events Coordinator for the city of Jersey Village. The aroma of various delectable foods such as burgers, tacos, mac n cheese, fries etc and the sound of laughter filled the neighborhood as people played, sang, and enjoyed all the foods the festival had to offer.

‘My favorite aspect of the festival was the homely community, the music, and the good food. It was very lively and it was nice to see so many happy families all together, enjoying themselves and their company.” Cianni Sellers, senior, said.

Students of the high school and residents gathered nearby to enjoy various flavors and cultures at the golf course. With the fragrance of edibles entrapping the area as students munched on snow cones, fried chicken, and more they participated in games, art, and music. The event served as a gateway to experience exciting new cultures and taste flavorful food.

“I found out about the food truck festival from a good friend of mine who lives in Jersey Village. My favorite aspect of the festival was the amazing food and the community coming together. My personal favorite food truck was the Brazilian truck, with the deliciously cooked pineapple,” Kimberely Vinson, senior said.

Students and families bonded over games. Residents of all ages attended, ranging from the youngest of little toddlers to the oldest of senior citizens. Alongside the variety of people pets joined their owner to enjoy the festival amusement.

“My favorite part was when everyone sat around and/or or played with each other and just had a good time while eating and talking. There were also many dogs, which I loved. It was a unifying experience for Jersey Village,” Cameron Clark, sophomore, said.