CFISD health expo inspires healthy living


Cameron Clark

At the district sponsored Health Expo Brandon Davis, junior, spins a wheel at a youth program’s booth. After landing on a lucky point of the wheel, he receives a small prize.

Cameron Clark, Staff Reporter

During a pristine weekend afternoon, the Houston area community united through the encouragement of healthy living, with invigorating activities that promote fitness, as well as helpful information regarding an individual’s needs and what is required for living a long, healthy life.

On the 12th of October, the sixth-annual CFISD health expo, held at the district’s Berry Center, came about a community event partnership between the Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce and CFISD, in which health practitioners from different parts of the Houston area and various specialties hold their sponsor booths offering advice, free health screenings, products, and more to help enrich the lives of those it applies to. The expo’s sponsors included but were not limited to: CHI St. Luke’s Heath-The Vintage Hospital; Face to Face Spa; KSF Orthopedic Center, P.A.; MD Anderson Cancer Center; MedExpress Urgent Care; Texas Dermatology Specialists; Texas Vein & Wellness Institute; and VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa.

Cameron Clark
While riding the anchored blender bike (provided by Power Up Café), at the district sponsor Health Expo, held at the Berry Center on October 12, Brandon Davis, junior, powers its fruit-containing blender (placed at the front) through rigorous pedaling.

In addition to this, the event featured seven live student dance and martial arts performances, along with games and childrens’ activities to boost the mood. On a more serious note, a CPR booth offered demonstrations for those who wished for more hands-on experience in preparation for the real world’s erratic nature.

“[I think] healthier communities have fewer health issues,” English teacher Stacey Brown said. “It helps people with interests to participate in activities and it helps people [with medical issues] get out,” she added.

During the expo, the performances, vendor booths, and communication, all caused an energy of synchronicity in the center, like a delicate breath of fresh air. Those who went also received individual help from the sponsor booths through consultations and screenings, further enlivening the experience.

“I can see different things I wasn’t aware of [that] I can use to stay healthy, so I don’t get bored. Knowing there’s a variety has a huge impact,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, Brandon Davis, junior, had quite the experience. One of the most memorable experiences of the event was the blender bike attraction provided by nutrition service team “Power Up Café”. Those who participated were to ride an anchored bike with a built-in smoothie blender at the front. The more a person pedaled, the progression of the blending fruit increased.

“The bike definitely got my blood flowing,” Davis said. “I had a good time while exercising, which is surprising, and I’m glad I was given this opportunity to learn more about my health at the event.”

He also described the benefits of the services provided at the booths, even outside the expo, by giving their information out.

“It benefits me because if I need anything I can just go there or call and I can be patched up and it’s relatively easy to access,” Davis said.