DAT, Animation students to create animated films


Gabriel Houston

DAT students Jovanny Sifuentes and Edmond Call, seniors, record lines and voiceovers for the animated characters in their upcoming collaborative film with the Animation class

Gabriel Houston and Cameron Clark

In mid September, two of the school’s creative forces united for the first time to create a work of art in motion. Defining sounds lace together with deliberate animation will produce a masterful experience for both eyes and ears.

Digital Audio Technology (DAT) and Animation students are collaborating to create films for submission to University Interscholastic League (UIL), advised by DAT teacher Brandy Milson and Animation teacher Jose Lujan. The collaboration’s goal is to create an animated film, utilizing students’ combined digital audio and animation skills.

With this partnership, both classes aim to learn how to communicate with others of different mediums, and make lasting partnerships in the digital media industry.

Gabriel Houston
Animation student Lusian Olivares, senior, uses real life people as a reference to create a 3-D model for his character to be used in the future film for his collaboration with DAT students.

“I feel like [this collaboration] is important because we can widen our perspective on creating motion pictures using the input of others not in our class,” animation student Katherine Brackett, senior, said. “I think it’s a great idea, so we can learn to collaborate with more than one branch of our industry.”

During the first meeting in the beginning of the year, the storyboard phase began, and Milson allowed the animators to learn about storytelling and scripting software. The animators took that knowledge and developed scripts prior to creating their first 3-D models for the projects.

“Ms. Milson is providing our students with great opportunities to go far and beyond what was previously possible with their animations,” Lujan said.

As of now, nothing is set in stone regarding the schedule for these collaborations. However, Lujan stated that they do plan to collaborate during DAT’s voice recording stages of the projects, which will occur around mid to late October, as well as gain insight over camera and light set up during this time.