Dog show, competitions raise funds for StuCo


Evelyn Kennedy

After capturing the title at Woof-a-Pawlooza the winning pup gets to ride in the Homecoming Parade with owner, Arriana Sahagun, senior.

Sierra Rickerson, Staff Reporter

Furry pups in various shapes and sizes lined Post Park happily wagging their tails beside their delighted owners.

Dogs in devil costumes, hot dogs, and sheriff outfits showed up to the high school’s and Student Council’s first “WOOF-A-PAWLOOZA,” a dog show in which the diverse dogs of the community competed in different categories to show their talents on October 7, 2018. Taking top dog honors belonged to the dachshund, and owner Arriana Sahagun, senior.

Sierra Rickerson
Miley sports a hotdog outfit for the best costume category.

“When I found out Student Council was putting on a dog show I got really excited, because I really wanted to enter my dog and have him compete in the competitions,” Beau Brittain, junior, said.

Many contestants as well as their spectating owners competed but only the best was awarded with large goody bags, but even those who were not up for the test were given dog treats for their courageous efforts.

The show was held to raise money for the upcoming Homecoming night and necessities needed for StuCo.

“It was an event to get the community involved, as well as other students around our school,” Kari Carvalho, Student Council sponsor and English III teacher, said.

The event even sparked the idea to add a toy making station with the toys being donated to nearby shelters in the area.

Student Council worked on posters and spent time planning this event prior to it taking place. Members aided in judging the categories and running the photo booth/ toy making stations.

When the event began the dogs immediately took off using cues from their owners in order to make it to the top of the competition. They were awarded for their outfits that contrasting with their owners during the perfect pair category.

Many had clever costumes for the best costume category and during the musical sit the dogs followed hand signals halting on platforms as music was stopped by members of StuCo. This event was light hearted and something for the whole family to enjoy. It brought many students who do not typically get involved in school events.

“We really love when we can have events that get the community and entire school involved. A lot of the time we only see our StuCo students at things. This event is a way to get everyone involved,” Carvalho said. “I have students who I never see at events getting involved. Many of them rushed into my classroom to get their applications. This year is a learning year for us. We hope this will become a new Student Council tradition,” she added.