Falcons take district record to 2 – O

Falcon Staff

The Falcons over took the Cypress Creek Cougars football team by a final score of 28-21 in Friday’s district game.

Although the stats for the Cougars looked better than that for the Falcons with Creek running 80 plays versus the Falcons 54 plays and the Cougars having 22 first downs and the Falcons only 13 first downs, the victory still belonged to the visiting team.

Raymond Richardson, quarterback, threw for 200 yards in 17 completions out of 22 attempts.

The win marks three in a row for the team and 3-1 for the Falcons.

The Northbrook Raiders come to Pridgeon Stadium on Saturday, September 29 for the Falcons third district game. The Raiders will enter the game with a record of 0-4. Northbrook lost 55-0 in their recent league outing against Cypress Falls (Houston, TX)