Motivational decorations line girls’ restroom walls


Mariela Vargas

Inspirational quotes appear in girls’ restrooms at the high school. The idea originated with a site that Amy Bryant, English teacher, viewed on her computer. Laura Underwood, assistant principal, completed the “You Matter” decoration.

Mariela Vargas, Managing Editor

She fell in love with an idea. Before her on the computer screen Amy Bryant, English teacher, viewed teachers around the country decorating girls’ restrooms with inspirational quotes. She loved it.
Drawing on that idea Bryant proposed the idea to Laura Underwood, assistant principal. Through Underwood and other volunteers, the idea gained momentum, progressing to approval from Ralph Funk, principal.

Mariela Vargas
Amy Bryant, English teacher, put up the “Empowered women, empower women” vinyl decoration hoping to start a new positive vibe towards girls. The decoration and others are in various girls’ restrooms across the campus.

“Everyday, when we step outside the sanctity of our home, we are confronted by a culture of hatred and divisiveness. That negative energy stays with you and can impact decisions and actions and how people are treated,” Bryant said. “I want to teach my students that we don’t have to continue that negative cycle. We can change it, and all it takes is one small action a day,” Bryant added.

Joining Bryant and Underwood with donations and volunteering to help decorate the girls’ restrooms, Randi Jones, Liz Albrecht, Regina Jennings and Whitney Mccoy moved forward to have five restrooms completed by Open House.

“We want to spread kindness. We hope that they are inspired and thus give more positive comments and compliment to others. We hope that the sayings will make them think of how they can change the world, one friend at a time,” Underwood said.

In addition, part of the intent of the positive sayings in the girls’ restrooms is that if they are down, there is someone around that truly cares about them.

“I love the creativity and the thoughts that went into putting up these signs. For the years I’ve been here I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Joana Pascual, senior, said. “They bring a positive vibe and I love it,” she added.

Bryant hoped that this generation would realize that they, the students, are the future.

Initially Bryant initiated “Motivational Mondays” in her classes last year. This gave her students an avenue to explore positivity, while giving them an outlet to discuss their qualms about what was happening in their own lives. She wanted to reach towards more students than just her’s.

“I want to and I want them to sprinkle positivity around like it’s glitter,” Bryant said.

(Editors note: Danielle Olivarez, Leslie Wendt Wilson, Jayme Norfleet, Rebekah Childress, Kelcey Beets, Nicole Louderback Barrett, Nicole Kubacak, Blair K. Roy-Granger and others also contributed to creating the motivational decorations in the girls’ restrooms.)