Crystal Clear Day

Isaiah Landgren, Contributing Artist

Crystal clear day,
the sky,
baby blue,
spread over the pond like a wet glass table.

On this certain day,
there were no moody clouds or musty fog,
so the sun perched on us like a bright beam of a huge flashlight.

Moving fast along the banks,
cast after cast
waiting for a bite.

Birds whistling,
fish gliding through the water
and ducks flying overhead.
These were the sounds of pure nature.

My dad, brother, and I were competing like racing horses to catch fish.
Cast after cast,
seemingly pointless till the fish bite.

Big fish leaping out the water,
dangly line grasping my skin.
The smell of a strong odor of pollen feeling welcome,
Over joyed,
and loving
When I was grinding and struggling to catch bass.
Jumping around and climbing to look for fish like I was some kind of monkey.