Jerrvont’e Ivery, Contributing Artist

When I heard the news
I almost died
I can’t even lie
that left me damaged inside
you’re all I got
how you try to leave?

I’m here every step of the way
even in the dark
lying numb with no feeling left in me

hurt inside
this isn’t you
know your faith will never die

the doctor told me everything but…
Just couldn’t face it
I was too weak to even face the fact

I walked in the room feeling like a whirlpool
my head was all over the place leaving my focus elsewhere
I broke down like an old 97’ Chevy

seeing you helpless scared me for life
you’re so humble and sweet
why you?
why her?

but you may not question God!
I really thought no harm could come your way
but meme always told me God gives his strongest soldiers
so at this point,
I was shutting any and everything out of life
the dark skies,
a humid weather reminds me of Isaiah 9:2
throughout all of your problems,
you still remain soaring like an eagle when all of this is over