AFJROTC receives Astros World Series replica rings


Joelyn Laughlin

Jersey Village High School’s AFJROTC received the distinction of being the only high school group in Texas to receive Houston Astros World Series replica rings. Front row. Montsserat Schnur, Karissa Medina, Sayra Rodriguez, Mayra Garnica. Middle row: TSgt Joe Campbell, Aerospace Science Instructor, Stefanie Ruiz, Scott Huynh, Daniela Luna, Major Dennis Martinez, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor. Back row. Dominick Mears, Jacob Bierwagen, Alejandro Hernandez, Enrique Guerra, Osiel Contreras.

Mariela Vargas, Staff Reporter

The high school’s AFJROTC received the distinction of being the only high school group in Texas to receive Houston Astros World Series replica rings.

On April 7, AFJROTC handed out promotional World Series Championship replica rings at Minute Maid Stadium. For their time and effort, each member from the school’s AFJROTC who helped hand out the rings, received the ring, which were picked up on April 12.

“We were able to experience the amount of excitement and joy on people’s face due to our win at the World Series Championship,” senior Karissa Medina said.

Since the unit started doing promotional handouts 15 years ago, every person who helps with a handout, gets a promotional handout. AFJROTC has not only received replica rings, but have been given handouts such as bobble heads of the players, bags, hats, and a smaller coy of the World Series Championship trophy, all sponsored by big companies such as GOYA or Coca Cola.

“I absolutely love how it helps us fundraise money by getting paid for doing these handouts. We aren’t like any other JROTC group. It was really nice being able to work with such an important team,” senior Sayra Rodriguez said.

In 2002, Aerospace Science Instructor TSgt Joe Campbell was asked to help the cheerleaders with a handout. He accepted.

“I then realized they did not get paid but were able to get a free ticket and stay and watch the game. I then asked the cheer sponsor if my JROTC group could do one of those handouts. In 2003, we officially started doing the promotional handouts,” Campbell said.

With Coca Cola sponsoring the rings, the AFJROTC not only got free tickets to stay and watch the game, but were able to get paid $400 by the Astros.

There were a lot of people that attended the game with the giveaway, but a limit of one ring per person.

“People were going crazy, they were willing to buy tickets for their kids in order to get one, even though it was just one ring per purchase of a ticket. It was just such an amazing experience,” junior Mayra Garnica said.