Forensics turns blood spatter into art

Mariela Vargas, Staff Reporter

Blood everywhere, fading smiles. Forensics class hit the painting tools as they worked on their Blood Pattern Assessment. The objective of the assignment was to re-create a blood stain pattern, something no class had done before.

Along with teamwork, students employed patience and planning to work with the blood given to them. Dennis Berry helped out Forensics teacher Karyl Bitting by overnight shipping the cow blood for the project. Berry does own a slaughter house.

“It felt kind of weird at first knowing it was cow blood, but it was an amazing and exciting experience to go through, due to the fact it’s not something we normally do,”  junior Joao Miguel Dantas said.

In addition to the project, students were asked to have a story or a narrative explaining the blood splatters in which they had created. Although blood can be messy, Forensics was able to handle it by cleaning up and staying clean by using protective gear and tools at all times.

“It thought it was pretty cool and a good way to learn how blood behaves, such as they gravity affects, the way force impacts and how it helps to determine the height of the blood splatter,” senior Ryan Brooks said.

Following inspiration from Picasso, Dexter, and Leonardo da Vinci, is how students were able to re-create the blood splatters. Not only did Berry help out Bitting but his wife being an educator as well he’s had the chance to help out many other Forensics educator as well.

“As drawing with the blood, I tried to follow my thoughts of happiness and making sure that my splatter co-existed with my tablemates splatters,” junior Juan Padron said.