Unique concert, visuals satisfy

Gerardo Garcia

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Unique concert, visuals satisfy

On March 19th New Zealand pop singer Lorde returned to Houston after being cancelled at Free Press Summer Fest in June of last year. Being that the show day was a Monday, many people were at the entrance once the arena doors opened. The atmosphere was different from past concerts that I have been. The atmosphere was calming yet thrilling.

The opening act was Swedish pop singer and “Swedish Idol” third place runner up “Tove Styrke”. I was fairly new to her music, knowing only one song but her music mixed synthesizers and raw vocals forming a perfect harmony. She played top hits “Borderline” “Say my name”, “Mistakes” and in honor of Lorde choosing her as an opening act, she performed a Lorde cover called “Liability (demo)”. At the end of her set Styrke thanked Houston for being an amazing crowd and also mentioned that she will hold an impromptu meet and greet for fans after her set.

While I was in line meeting Styrke I missed second opening act “Run the Jewels” but from what I heard they were a far different sound from Styrke and Lorde, and they were very loud as well. When I met Styrke during her small meet and greet I told her that I would very like a collaboration from her and Lorde. She laughed and said she will try her best.

When Lorde started she played a distorted version of her song “Sober” a song off her most recent album “Melodrama” then she proceeded to come up the stage from a clear box and finish the rest of her song. She played new hits like “Green light” “Perfect Places” “Homemade dynamite” while also playing songs from when she barely was rising as a singer such as “Royals” “400 Lux” and “Magnets”. The stage was very spacious except for the clear box in the center that would be suspended midair and lowered beneath the stage and 8 bars at the top of the stage being used as a screen for the tour visuals. Getting the crowd off their feet she danced barefoot on stage and she risked an injury when she was carried and thrown lightly in the air by dancers.

Lorde’s set was very heavily influenced by screen and lighting aesthetics featuring both visual from her 2014 early days to current never before seen ones. While on stage Lorde had a moment to talk about her cancelled Houston date and how Houston is very strong for what we have been through (Harvey) she then shed a tear as the crowd cheered her on.

Her last song she played her 2014 hit “Team” she graced the stage while giving the rest of the song her very best performance. Before the song ended she decided to surprise the crowd and get off the stage and go into the crowd hugging and meeting her fans, she then decided to sing the rest of the song up close and personal to her fans when she finished she thanked Houston for being an amazing lovely crowd and then left the stage as soon as the venue lights came on, signaling my night filled with melodramatic happiness has ended.

VERDICT: This show was unique in both atmosphere and music style, I would recommend this show to people who mostly listen to indie artists and those who not only like the music at concerts but also the on screen visuals as they will be satisfied in both areas.