Unique show amazes audience

Gerardo Garcia

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The night was cool and slightly rainy as I waited in line with my friend Mia Taylor to see Lana Del Rey with special guest Kali Uchis perform her Highly anticipated “LA to the moon” Houston show at the Toyota Center.

This is Lana Del Rey’s second solo tour since her 2014 “The endless summer tour”. This show was my first time seeing a live Lana del Rey show.

Before we entered the venue I noticed that the common attire for a Lana Del Rey show is a flower crown and boots which a long cardigan and or kimono, while others were wearing custom or official Lana Del Rey merchandise or the rest just wearing what seemed fit for them.

Once we got through the usual security check the feeling of star struck overtook us. The first task we did was head to the merchandise line. As we waited for five minutes in an extremely long line we overheard there was another merchandise booth that was empty. We ran down to the less crowded booth so we could buy our merchandise before the opening act played.

After we got to our seats we chatted about what songs we hoped that Lana Del Rey would perform during her set.

When Kali Uchis took the stage it was a simple stage with a curtain as her backdrop and a full band on her sides and with her signature flower covered microphone stand in center stage she showed she was just more than an opening act.

Uchis music is indie pop mixed in with Latin inspired beats in homage to her Colombian background.

Uchis sang hits such as “After the storm”, “Riding Round” and ballad “Loner”.

Uchis set was exotic and vibrant. Uchis managed to get the crowd into a excited mood and even got me dancing to her songs. She also sang slower songs but it still did not change the feeling of excitement she brought with her.

At the end of her set Uchis happily thanked the crowd and said “I love Houston Texas” sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Before Lana Del Rey came on the curtain backdrop that Uchis used was removed and revealed Del Rey’s stage, heavily inspired by Los Angeles included a pair of palms trees with rock hill formations, grassy floors, and two beach chairs sitting on the left and right side of the stage respectively.

The time finally arrived. The lights dimmed and the stage was the only source of light, a visual appeared on screen showing a beach and the floor lit up shortly after revealing the floor to be a screen representing a body of water. Lana Del Rey walked on stage calm but filled with grace with her backup dancers and band following behind.

Del Rey played hits and deep cuts from most of her albums but mostly from her most recent album “Lust for Life”

Her live vocals accompanied with her on screen visuals helped the concert get into the different mood. For title track from her most well recognized album “Born to Die” with accompanying visuals of fire and of her from the music video of the same name, the visuals from that song were by far my favorite from that night, including a part when the floor screen was made to be a highway road going fast, the vocals from Lana Del Rey also gave the atmosphere a powerful kick of excitement.

For another song “National Anthem” from the same album her she portrayed Marilyn Monroe in her famous “Happy birthday Mr. President” song to then president John F Kennedy and playing president Kennedy in the short video was rapper A$ap Rocky.  Del Rey also portrayed Kennedy’s wife Jackie Kennedy in another video for song “National Anthem”

She then played title tracks “Ultraviolence” “Lust for Life” and top hits such as “Summertime Sadness” “Young and beautiful” and 2012 song “Blue jeans”

As the concert was near to the end she took some time and got off the stage to greet fans, take pictures with them and even giving out autographs.

For her last song she played “Off to the races” an exciting song she gave the crowd a last hurrah before she had to end the concert. When the song ended she thanked Houston for being an amazing crowd and walked off stage smiling and blowing kisses to the audience

VERDICT: The show was absolutely unique and amazing. Although her music isn’t everyone’s usual pop music on the radio her live shows are definitely for the general public as whole. The songs, the atmosphere, the live visuals on screen and even the fans are what made the show live up to its expectations. 10/10 would absolutely recommend for a friend to see her live, no matter what their music taste is.