Lady Bird measures up to rave reviews

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Kayla Thompson

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Lady Bird measures up to rave reviews


I entered the theater to see Lady Bird the same way I’d entered the theater for most movies. Sure, I’d seen rave reviews saying it was great, but I’d seen tons of great movies. I couldn’t possibly think of what could be so different about this one. Despite this being my initial thoughts, my apathy toward this movie shifted to nothing but appreciation just an hour and a half later.

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age film that revolves around a fiercely unique teenage girl, who calls herself Lady Bird, and who wants nothing more than independence and freedom from the restraints of her lifeless California town, and her family whom she sees as overbearing. Throughout the film though, we see her evolve as she attempts to navigate platonic, romantic, and familial relationships. Though this sounds like a fairly simple premise for a run-of-the-mill teenage film, there’s a few aspects that make Lady Bird stand out among its predecessors.

What makes this film one-of a kind is simple – it’s raw, relatable and emotional execution. The all too realistic theme of a feeling of hopelessness in society is one that resonates among teens everywhere. The way it displays Lady Bird’s desperation to not just be another cog in the machine has teens in their theater seats silently chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. Daydreams of big aspirations for independence and self-determination are personified in Lady Bird throughout the film – and she portrays it perfectly.

Another fascinatingly familiar aspect of the film is its depiction of a strained mother-daughter relationship. The film displays Lady Bird and her mother Marion’s rollercoaster through a relationship of relatable themes such as financial issues, struggles with self-identity, and clashing opinions. This comes to a height when Marion finds out that Lady Bird was planning to leave for college in New York. This alone is enough to strike chords with teens and parents alike, but it’s not until the ending when we see both Lady Bird and Marion’s loving and heartfelt attempts to reconcile their relationships after Lady Bird leaves Sacramento that leaves everyone an emotional mess. This last few moments of the film serve as a poignant reminder that you never truly realize how much you love and appreciate someone until they’re gone.

Though the premise of Lady Bird seemed almost cliché at first, the way it hits the nail on the head of problems faced by both teens and parents, along with its engaging and fresh execution is enough for the film to quickly find its way on one’s list of favorite movies.